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AGIFORS Crew Management Study Group welcomes Rosterize

In June 2021, Rosterize supported the AGIFORS Crew Management Study group meeting.

The primary purpose of the study group is to provide a forum in which operations researchers, flight operations personnel and their peers from around the world can get together to discuss mutual interests and problems.

We were excited to present our solution to several hundred professionals from all continents and met soulmates. 

Below is the presentation recording provided by Rosterize CEO Max Andreev named "AI-as-a-service to help small and midsize airlines with their daily crew planning responsibilities."

If you are interested in receiving the presentation, please contact Max at

The key highlights from the presentation are the following:
  • AI-as-a-Service to support the crew planning process
  • Optimized for small- and medium-sized airlines
  • Affordable ready-to-use product
  • All-in-one operational crew optimization tool