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For regional airlines and cargo carriers

Embrace our genuine holistic planning ​to earn more with less effort and risk


Key features

  • Sales and OPS alignment
  • Compliance with legal requirements, including flexible work with "grey zones"
  • Robust optimization
  • Fairness of the crew members assignments
  • Financial optimization and modelling

Crew schedule you can fly with

  • Exclusion of unintentional violations of the FTL rules
  • In operational planning, the depth of a reliable plan increases from several days to weeks
  • With long-term planning, there is a reasonable need for crews
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Qualitative changes with smart crew planning​


  • More flights with fewer crews
  • FTL rules and regulation compliance
  • Decreased crew turnover


  • Less crew costs
  • Faster response to charter requests
  • More accurate cost estimation
  • Fewer flight cancellations and delays

OPS and crew​​

  • More predictable work schedules
  • Well-balanced working conditions
  • Transparent planning / coordination of vacations, days off, trainings and simulations

Rosterize is a cloud-based crew planning service that was developed for regional airlines to address challenges and streamline operations

  • Accurate assignments:  each pilot matters, as well as each of their days and hours on duty, and therefore we generate an up-to-the-minute accurate schedule for every pilot  
  • The clean-sheet approach is not working for the operational planning
  • Crew-friendly: an individual approach to each pilot plan needs to retain staff even despite large airlines’ job offers
  • Disruption-tolerant: generating the most robust schedule with due account of all the risks  

Dynamic rescheduling

dynamic rescheduling

If we run this scenario having crew pairings fixed, we get crew rostering generation. 

 If we run this scenario allowing the system to regenerate crew pairings, we get crew pairing generation that considers actual crew availability precious in case of the pilot shortage.  

Crew demand calculation


The result is not just a number of crew sets. This number could be verified with crew pairings and rosters that comply with all regulations. Recommended crew accommodation and positioning are also part of the system's final data set. 

This scenario is helpful for what-if analysis. For example, the value of cross-rated pilots, right seat captains, or a more risky strategy with crew swaps could be calculated. 

In figures

  • Estimated 1-3% decrease in total airline costs​
  • Dynamic flight scheduling boosts aircraft utilization​
  • Flight delay costs reduced by 1% of total revenue​
  • More than 3% of income is lost due to flight delays​
  • 30% of flight delays can be avoided through robust planning​
  • Crew costs (hiring, onboarding, salary, overtime) reduced by up to 10% ​
  • Crew utilization increased by 10%