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Airline crew management systems landscape

We built this modest market research for our needs. And now we are happy to overview
our TOP-14 OPS trusted worldwide for you too. As Rosterize is an add-on, our algorithm can be integrated with any system. We are not competitors but complement each other to improve airlines' business

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 Awery is a software development company and IT service provider established in 2009 and serving clients all over the world. Having lots of years’ experience in the aviation industry Awery provides unique aviation solutions, concepts, and vision 

Awery Aviation Solutions

Product description: Customized web-based platform for aviation business processes automation

Location: UAE


  • commercial airlines
  • cargo
  • private operators
  • charter brokers
  • cargo handling agents
  • express operators
  • couriers

Optimization capabilities: No


  • reduce human intervention
  • save time and efforts
  • assist in decision making
  • flexible connectivity
While the aeroLINE FLEET enables to create efficient flight schedules, automatic optimizer allocates the most suitable aircraft to operate a flight. Automation of crew planning and rostering enables most efficient allocation of staff within the legal limits set by the regulatory bodies. aeroLINE RMS uses sophisticated statistical techniques on historical data to arrive at the most accurate, optimised inventory and fares with very minimal human interventions.
ISA (Information Systems Associates FZE) / ACCELaero™

Product description: aeroLINE is a suite of software applications to improve the operational efficiency and revenue maximization of an airline while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Location: UAE, USA


  • low cost
  • hybrid
  • full service
  • start-up carriers
  • charter operators
  • travel consolidators

Optimization capabilities: No

  • tail allocation solution
  • simplifies the assignment of all duties to crew members
  • revenue management solution
  • Budget Management system
A cloud based scheduling software for managing your workflow, keeping track of all schedule & crew changes and acting as a central source of various information within company.
Leon Software


Location: Poland


  • Business operators
  • Scheduled operators
  • cargo
  • trip support companies
  • charter brokers

Optimization capabilities: No


  • flight operations 
  • flight quotation 
  • crew management
  • fleet monitoring
  • company data overview
Maureva is a leading Airline Software and Service Solutions Provider, specializing for more
than 20 years in the provision of airline financial, commercial, operational and business
intelligence solutions.
Maureva Ltd.

Product description: Flight Scheduling & Crew Management

Location: Poland


  • Air cargo management
  • consulting
  • managed services

Optimization capabilities: Yes


  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Enhance crew satisfaction
PDC delivers business critical IT solutions for Resource Planning and Scheduling in complex Industries.

Product description: Flight Crew Scheduling

The all-in-one solution covers crew planning, pairing creation, roster construction and control, crew tracking and manages crew records.

Location: Denmark


  • Airlines
  • ground handlers
  • slot coordinators
  • healthcare
  • ambulance services
  • ferries

Optimization capabilities: Yes


  • Streamline
  • reduce costs
  • gain valuable business insights through optimal workforce and resource planning
Aviation Management Software for every operation

Product description: An Ecosystem of Solutions. 6 Core Modules, the complete Mobile App Suite, and an unparalleled set of Integrations



  • Charter operators
  • trip support
  • corporate flight departments

Optimization capabilities: No


  • Grow BizAv sales
  • Complete dispatch checklist on one screen
  • Crew control
  • Track all maintenance dues
  • Effective management relies on accurate data
  • Easily upload, manage, and distribute your operational documents, manuals, and directives
safe jets
SafeJets FTL is a web based application, which is responsive to the tablets and mobile screens. With multiuser support, your crew members can enter their flight information whereever they are.

Product description: All in One: all operational needs of your airline are included by Safe Jets.

Location: TURKEY

Optimization capabilities: No

  • FTL Monitoring
  • Route Aerodrome Qualification
  • Dispatch Flight Operation
  • Training Monitoring
  • Cost Module
Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers' toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.
Collins Aerospace

Product description: ARINCDirect℠ Flight Operations System (FOS®) streamlines your flight operations, no matter how demanding or complex


  • Commercial
  • Business Aviation
  • military and defense
  • helicopters
  • space
  • airports

Optimization capabilities: No


  • save time
  • efforts
  • reduce costs
  • schedule qualified crew
  • time and distance calculator

With ARCOS Ascend™, airlines can automate the process of finding qualified, available crew members to fill open trips or shifts due to a last-minute call-off or an IROP. Our solution automates two-way rules based communication, making it easier for airline schedulers to monitor, approve, and distribute open trips.

ARCOS Ascend

Product description: ARCOS Crew Manager is a resource management system that centralizes information on utility crews, resources and supporting logistics in one easily accessible application. Thus, it provides utility supervisors and managers with a real-time visual window into crew and resource location, crew availability and how much money is being spent. Crew Manager is used for day-to-day operations and emergency planning.

Location: USA

Optimization capabilities: No


  • With ARCOS Ascend™, airlines can automate the process of finding qualified, available pilots and flight attendants to fill open trips due to last-minute call-offs or an IROP. Carriers can save thousands of dollars by reducing canceled flights.
chetu 1


 2,800+ software development experts helping businesses to accelerate the development of world-class software solutions and applications.


Product description: Custom Flight Operations Management Software Development. Chetu provides custom airline flight operations management software for OEMs, MROs, and flight operators to streamline their operational workflows.

Location: USA, Europe, Asia

Optimization capabilities: No


  • Flight Ops Software Development Services

  • Flight Ops Planning & Scheduling Systems

  • Airline Flight Operations Management Systems

  • Flight Crew Operations Management Systems


Lorhan IT is a trustworthy technology partner in building technically enhanced business applications. Lorhan IT is a SAP Gold Partner with it’s headquarters in Hyderabad, India and offices across the globe.


Product description: A boutique of solutions and services. With core transforming abilities and the Digital Edge platform capabilities, Lorhan brings solutions and services to address the challenges of the aviation Industry

Location: India

Optimization capabilities: No


  • Business processes
  • crew management
  • airlines baggage management
  • emergency response system
air maestro

End-to-end solutions for a variety of aviation end markets

Air Maestro

Product description: The cloud-based software has been developed so pilots, crew, maintenance personnel, and other staff can effectively manage business operations and achieve regulatory compliance. Furthermore, Air Maestro enhances safety practices through the integration of safety, operational, and fatigue management modules.

Location: Australia


  • health and medical
  • air transport
  • agricultural and resource management
  • cargo and aerial work
  • public safety
  • RPAS/Drones

Optimization capabilities: Yes


  • Improves Safety Practices

  • Customisable

  • Offline Functionality

  • Cloud-Based

  • Modern Design & Accessibility

  • Mobile-Friendly

avi sched

The flight operations software for all operational and commercial tasks. From the scheduling and dispatching of aircraft to staff and crew management as well as charter sales.


Product description: Straightforwardness,no additional costs, cloud, app, owner/crew portal

Location: Austria

Optimization capabilities: No


  • aircraft & crew scheduling
  • avisched cloud
  • quoting and sales
  • charter portal
  • crew portal
  • staff, crew and document management
  • multi AOC Support
  • reports and expense reporting
  • customizing

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