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About us

Our startup derives from a synergy of scientific and IT expertise supported by industry knowledge and customer insights. We believe that air fleet operators, from startups to market leaders, can achieve greater success by leveraging advanced technology





Your one-stop for all things Crew. We have integrated a complete functionality for crew planning and control into an intuitive, reliable toolset that keeps everyone in the loop, while providing assistance with the management of duty roster, endorsements and FTLs.



FL3XX is the leading web and app-based aviation management platform for Part 135, Part 91, Trip Support, MedEvac, and Cargo Operations. The intuitive software gives teams in sales, ops, rostering, maintenance, and management all the tools necessary to manage their day-to-day effectively.
200 operators worldwide already rely on the fast and feature-complete platform and can connect to 100+ services directly integrated with the platform to save thousands of work hours every month.



Accurate global aviation and airport information in a fully machine-readable format. A unique digital database with professionally checked and real-time information accumulated from countless sources.


AWERY software solutions

Advanced aviation software platform 


VYouPoint Aero

Quantum Annealing technology to power solvers. It allows for "continuous optimization" and ability to scale


To70 Consultores Aeronáuticos (Colombia)

A world leading aviation consultancy providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community

Our team

We operate from different countries, joining efforts and expertise to ensure customer success
and efficient performance


Max Andreev

CEO & co-founder, Vienna
20+ years in IT:  buisiness development, marketing, sales force, business consulting.  Сreated a business solutions practice from zero to $150+ million

Alex Tarasov

Co-Founder & Head of Science 
20+ years: business and mathematical optimization. Achieved a 20% increase in the value of a diamond by optimizing the cutting process

Our cultural code

Our values

One of our core values ​​is openness and honesty. We're sure that Rosterize is one of the most friendly for partnership startup ever.  

Step by step we are confidently moving towards success. We respect each other and create comfortable conditions for productive work. We operate from different countries, so each of us knows what his responsibility is, and we support each other distantly. We’re proud that permanent market challenges and new projects not only give an opportunity but force us to learn new skills and drive growth ‘in breadth and depth’.

Our mission

We create more than innovative and genuine useful product. We are inspired by doing impossible things that many people think it’s a miracle. We are changing the world for the better by solving one of the most complex and controversial optimization problems in our unconventional way.