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About us

Our startup derives from a synergy of scientific and IT expertise supported by industry knowledge and customer insights. We believe that air fleet operators, from startups to market leaders, can achieve greater success by leveraging advanced technology





Provide the best math programming solver, tools for distributed optimization, optimization in the cloud, and outstanding support


AWERY software solutions

Advanced aviation software platform 


VYouPoint Aero

Quantum Annealing technology to power solvers. It allows for "continuous optimization" and ability to scale


To70 Consultores Aeronáuticos (Colombia)

A world leading aviation consultancy providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community

Our team

We operate from different countries, joining efforts and expertise to ensure customer success
and efficient performance


Max Andreev

CEO & co-founder, Vienna
20+ years in IT:  buisiness development, marketing, sales force, business consulting.  Сreated a business solutions practice from zero to $150+ million

Alex Tarasov

Co-Founder & Head of Science 
20+ years: business and mathematical optimization. Achieved a 20% increase in the value of a diamond by optimizing the cutting process

Our culture and values

As shared values always underlie cohesive performance, we welcome partners who respond quickly, are open to everything new, and strive to improve their processes and gain new experiences.

We love change requests because they make our system better. We discuss customer business needs and work out a solution together. New collaborations are always welcome, as we aspire to joint effort and change the aviation industry for better.

Join us!

We are happy to work with those inspired by technology and willing to make Rosterize better for our customers