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We Do Help Private Aviation Operators meet today's challenges


What we do?

Rosterize checks feasibility and finds optimal air crew assignments, including OFF days,
crew rotations, and crew swaps

Multi-factor optimization considers regulations, costs, risks, fairness, business practices,
crew requests, and instant commercial flight data, leading to a 10% decline in crew demand and improving crew satisfaction

Pilot's shortage

  • Harder to attract and retain
  • New motivational programs
  • Fatigue risk management

New employee experience

  • Work-life balance
  • The individual professional development path
  • Flexible work schedule tailored to individual needs
  • Place of life (only one hour from the base / ready to relocate)
  • Fairness (uniformity of duties, days off, etc)

Aircraft shortage

  • Floating Fleet 
  • Would be vital to increase aircraft utilization
  • Airplane on the ground - lost profits

OPS needs

  • Support the minimum required number of crews, considering peak days
  • Efficient Floating Fleet / Multi base fleet support
  • Enhanced crew rotation support
  • Consideration of additional opportunities from cross-rated pilots, special needs of pilots

High demand

  • Instant booking
  • Highest quality demand 
  • The competition is only getting stronger

For Sales department

  • Confidence that a free tail will be manned
  • Quick quotation confirmation
  • Zero tolerance for delays or cancellations
    (due to crew unavailability)

How Rosterize can really help

Rosterize_off days

Preferential Bidding

Optimal distribution ON/OFF days to increase capacity
Support fixed scheduling patterns (6/4, 8/6, 10/5, 20/10 etc
Flexible ON/OFF scheduling
OFF days requests

Dynamic re-scheduling

When a user runs the generation of assignments, Rosterize collects the actual and projected crew trips, assignments, ground duties, vacations, training etc.

User sets up: 

  • The begging of the short history data to take into account (usually it is a beginning of the per month)
  • the published period where the system should keep as much as possible during the replanning, 
  • free planning period where the system is limited only to FTL, fairness rules, crew availability and credentials, crew teams, and risk policies. 
crew rotation

Crew rotation

Generate optimal crew positioning route for in-bound and home-bound pilots
Driving time between General AviationFBO and Commercial airport
Alternative positioning routes
Book a ticket with a smart link
Dedicated travel day or at the end/beginning of the duty day
sales support

Sales support

The pilot shortage and high demand shifted the operational bottleneck from tails to pilots
The result is a list of possible time gaps when the tails could be booked without any crew-related issues provided to sales and could be uploaded to the online quotation tools

Rosterize will help business aviation operators to:

  • Increase sales by boosting fleet and crew utilization as revealing any extra day of pilot availability means a 5% increase in revenue
  • Maintain quality of service despite industry boom and shortage of crew members
  • Slow down increase in pilot’s costs by contributing to more predictable and comfortable employee experience
  • Schedule fleet maintenance without any impact on revenue
  • Plan pilots' day-offs in the optimal way to increase sales and support work-life balance

How to make optimal crew assignments to already planned flights despite the shortage of pilots?

How to empower the sales force team with available offerings and maintain quality of service?

How can crew-friendly rostering decrease turnover, inspire pilots and underpin work-life balance?

About us

  • Rosterize combines operations research and several related technologies, including machine learning, distributed computing, and optimization
  • Affordable, ready-to-use subscription without implementation
  • Monthly payments, no need to buy third-party licenses
  • Subscription by number of aircrafts 

Make more flights at less cost with an out-of-the-box scheduling solution that covers everything, from flight planning to dealing with disruptions