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Addressing pilot shortage issues for BizAv with AI-assisted crew planning


Business aviation faces a huge challenge and thus needs a new IT to address it





Designed to deal with the big crew teams and scheduled flights, crew planning systems for airlines cannot help business jet operators 


Rosterize is a cloud-based crew planning service that was developed for regional airlines to address similar challenges and streamline operations

  • Accurate assignments:  each pilot matters, as well as each of their days and hours on duty, and therefore we generate an up-to-the-minute accurate schedule for every pilot  
  • The clean-sheet approach is not working for the operational planning
  • Crew-friendly: an individual approach to each pilot plan needs to retain staff even despite large airlines’ job offers
  • Disruption-tolerant: generating the most robust schedule with due account of all the risks  

Rosterize will help business aviation operators to:

  • Increase sales by boosting fleet and crew utilization as revealing any extra day of pilot availability means a 5% increase in revenue
  • Maintain quality of service despite industry boom and shortage of crew members
  • Slow down increase in pilot’s costs by contributing to more predictable and comfortable employee experience
  • Schedule fleet maintenance without any impact on revenue
  • Plan pilots' day-offs in the optimal way to increase sales

How to make optimal crew assignments to already planned flights despite the shortage of pilots?

How to empower the sales force team with available offerings and maintain quality of service?

How can crew-friendly rostering decrease turnover, inspire pilots and underpin work-life balance?

What makes us different

  • Rosterize combines operations research and several related technologies, including machine learning, distributed computing, and optimization
  • Affordable, ready-to-use subscription without implementation
  • Monthly payments, no need to buy third-party licenses
  • Subscription by number of aircrafts 

Make more flights at less cost with an out-of-the-box scheduling solution that covers everything, from flight planning to dealing with disruptions