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Key features

Dynamic crew rostering based on the actual crew availability
Spotlight of additional crew capability
Reconciliation of crew positioning and accommodation costs
Actual FTL violations analysis
Generating crew lines with
a "fresh start"
What-if capabilities

General capabilities

Flexible FTL and airlines rules

Sliding planning

Ground duties, trainings,
vacations, absence

Verification stage

Data errors management

“Magic” crew/rest/teleport

Integrated Pairing/Rostering/
Tracking settings

Managing flight schedule

PAX planning management

Dealing with incoming pairings and assignments

Assignment filters and priorities

Individual requests

Fairness management

Crew teaming management

Common sense

Risk and robustness management

Buffer time management

Reserves and stand-by management

Recurrent rest types management

Disruption management


Basic information about key Rosterize
opportunities from different angles

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Sales & OPS alignment
  • Flight schedule adjustment
  • Spotlight of additional crew capability to increase aircraft utilization
Crew Rostering Scenarios
  • Spotlight of additional crew capability
  • Dynamic crew rostering
  • Generating crew lines with a ”fresh start”
  • Actual FTL violations analysis
  • Reconciliation of crew positioning andaccommodation costs
  • What-if capabilities
Long term planning
  • Strategic "what if" analysis to determine the optimal number of crew sets by bases and aircraft types
  • Flyable pairing for strategic planning
  • Crew positioning and accommodation
Operating planning
  • Pairing and rosters based on actual crew availability
  • Crew re-pairing and re-rostering based on published data and disruptions
  • Operating "what if" analysis
Actual data analysis
  • Verification of the FTL violations
  • Reconciliation of crew positioning and accommodation costs
  • Flights and assignments disruption between bases and crew members


  • Crew set size calculation
  • Hierarchical assignment of crew members
  • Fair assignment distribution (based on block hours, dutyhours etc.)
  • Valuable and worthless destinations 
  • Assignments filters and priorities
  • Crew teaming, including in-flight training
  • Individual crew members compensation schemes
  • Optimistic and pessimistic crew credentials
  • Rule based time buffers between duties
  • Acclimatization check and rest
  • FRM elements
  • Intermediate results

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