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Rosterize is an add-on to any flight operations and crew management system empowering operators with AI-assisted flight crew planning

  • Deal with pilots shortage

  • Increase aircraft utilization

  • Boost sales and maximize profits

  • Be flexible for the "black swans" era


Fewer crews, more flights

What we do?

Rosterize checks feasibility and finds optimal air crew assignments, including OFF days, crew rotations, and crew swaps

Multi-factor optimization considers regulations, costs, risks, fairness, business practices, crew requests, and instant commercial flight data, leading to a 10% decline in crew demand and improving crew satisfaction

Rosterize is an active member of the community. To better understand our client's needs we are the members of #AGIFORS and #NBAA and always looking for new opportunities to upgrade our knowledge and expand network


Our product empowers all kinds of air fleet operators, large and small scheduled and charter airlines, cargo carriers, and business aviation operators. While use cases may vary, our digital tool has already proven to improve a scheduling process, regardless of airline size or activity.

ML empowered unconventional holistic optimization tool generates ready-to-use crew schedule insights for any time scale: from hours to months, including trip generation for crew rotation.

We create a network of trusted partners in aviation to upgrade your air crew planning and optimization experience

Rosterize is designed specifically for the small airlines' business processes and private aviation crew management

Genuine holistic AI-assisted flight crew planning

OFF Days and VAC Rostering 

Algorithm generates the crew roster lines respecting the employees' requests and individual terms while providing the required crew availability

Pairing | Rostering Optimization

AI assistant helps crew scheduling in small airlines for business sustainability and reduces crew-related costs 

Crew rotation and swap

The solution automates the process of deadheading with finding optimal routes and purchasing tickets for passenger travel pilots 

"We call our system an autopilot for fleet and crew scheduling, because it still can't do without human operators. It's like in an airplane where autopilot needs a crew and supervision to fly"
Maxim Andreyev, co-founder Rosterize

Now is the best moment to start using Rosterize

In the age of black swan events, ever-changing passenger traffic and flight destinations call for flexible schedule that must be able to adjust quickly based
on multiple factors. 
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