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Rosterize is an add-on to any flight operations and crew management system empowering operators with AI-assisted crew planning

  • maximize profits from every single flight
  • address pilots shortage
  • adjust your schedule in the "black swans" era 

Rosterize is not to replace, but empower airline experts to find the best solutions faster every day


Digital assistant

The algorithm never gets tired or stressed out, but fulfills all requirements and limitations set by an expert and takes into account more factors than a human can keep in mind


Various use cases

 Rosterize can deal with a fluctuating reality on any time scale and seamlessly handle both short- and
long-term planning



The system generates crew demand, pairings, roster, standby and accommodation schedule, as well as recommends how to change flight schedule and maximize profits

When it comes to planning, it is "common sense" that matters. The system may select mathematically sound and allegedly cost-effective options, but only a human being can see that those won’t work in real life. To that end, we leverage machine learning for our algorithm to operate in a more human-like manner

Our product will empower large and small airlines, regular and charter flights, cargo carriers, and business aviation. While use cases may vary, our digital tool has already proven to improve a scheduling process, regardless of airline size or activity

"We call our system an autopilot for fleet and crew scheduling, because it still can't do without human operators. It's like in an airplane where autopilot needs a crew and supervision to fly"
Maxim Andreyev, co-founder Rosterize

Rosterize combines operations research and several related technologies, including machine learning, distributed computing, and optimization

Planning and scheduling tasks are of discrete nature, still better solved via operations research.  Both operations research and machine learning are based on the universal gradient descent method and are similar: one is continuous and the other is discrete.

Our method spotlights key data without generating numerous columns and thus prevails over any traditional scheduling in both speed and quality


Now is the best moment to start using Rosterize

In the age of black swan events, ever-changing passenger traffic and flight destinations call for flexible schedule that must be able to adjust quickly based on multiple factors. PoC within a week