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How much does it cost

  • The only cost item is a monthly subscription
  • There is no separate payment for implementation and modifications of the system to meet the operator's needs 
  • Licensing by the number of aircraft in the fleet or by the number of employees
  • All system functionality and updates are available without restrictions

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Frequently asked questions

How long to turn on?

Our best result, for now, is in three days. Usually, it takes several weeks to prepare the system for a customer, and the longest part is the integration development

Is it easy to turn off?

Yep, according to our current offer, the customer to cancel the subscription at any time

What resources are needed to implement?

The leading resource is the expert's attention from your side, who would provide feedback on results generated by the system and explain the FTL rules. The system is cloud-based, and only small integration and reporting server can be installed locally