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Our product

Make more flights at less cost with an out-of-the-box scheduling solution that covers everything, from flight planning to dealing with disruptions


Manage your crews by using our genuine holistic optimization approach

Rosterize has everything you need to keep your airlines running smoothly. Unlike competitors, Rosterize is a single cloud solution that leverages ML and mathematical optimization methods to holistically generate a ready-to-use crew schedule with the necessary level of detail

Fair assignments



Robust schedule



FTL compliance



Effective pairing




Make your crews happy 

Multi-criteria optimization engine finds the best work schedule given finance aspects, risks, lost profits, and, of course, crew motivation.


Fairly distributed assignments help avoid both idle time and overtime among crew members, as well as excessive focus on "trendy" destinations

Eliminate unnecessary risks

  • Check flight program feasibility, given available crews
  • Plan standby or reserves
  • Make time buffers between flight duty periods
  • Consider meteorological conditions of airports
  • Maximize the number of available crews on the basesConsider interpersonal and professional compatibility of crew members



Avoid noncompliance

  • Track maximum block and working hours per period
  • Verify crew readiness (permissions, training, health check)
  • Control the regular taking of after-flight-duty rest and days off
  • Limit the maximum duration of a flight duty period in line with CAA requirements and the FOM of the airline
  • Check crew members for availability of a valid visa and passport, as well as English language level, for international flights
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Save on costs


Rosterize assesses multiple factors and offers the best schedule on any planning horizon (whether a day or a year), thus saving up to 10% of crew’s positioning and accommodation costs

The main difference between Rosterize and big-name companies is launch speed and subscription cost

  • Holistic planning instead of app silos
  • Powerful "What if" analysis capabilities
  • Affordable, ready-to-use subscription without implementation
  • Subscription by number of aircrafts
  • Monthly payments, no need to buy third-party licenses
  • ML-adjustment for more human-like results

Still in doubt?

Get a free demo in just a few steps. You can see how to calculate optimal crew number and pairings, and save on crew’s positioning and accommodation costs