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Preferential Bidding System

for OFF days and VAC requests

Addressing pilot shortage 

  • Talents demand flexibility and control over their schedule over a longer period that you cannot provide

  • You are understaffed to serve all the customers' flights

  • Many hard days are being regularly spent before the roster was published


Crew rostering, aka the preferential bidding system (PBS)
An algorithm based on mathematical optimization  


Generates the crew roster lines respecting the employees' requests and individual terms while providing the required crew availability. 

Sustainable AI-assisted operations reduce 10% of the crew-related cost and improve employees' morale. 

Spend minutes instead of days for roster preparation, and increase the planning period from days to months.

Business process 

Each crew member has individual sets of rules applicable, such as a minimal number of OFF/ON days, commuting, employment agreement terms, seniority, approved earlier non-operational days, etc. 

Before scheduling the roster, crew members post OFF days, vacation, and other duties requests in the operator's core system. The operator defines crew sets' availability requirements per day/base/aircraft crew qualification (rate). 
The projected roster before the period under planning is being considered as well.

Multifactor optimization considers all the incoming data and rules and generates a roster that respects crew needs while providing the desired crew set availability if possible. 

The operator receives the recommended daily crew roster with reports over the calculated data.


What is the value of the preferential bidding approach?

PBS is a win-win strategy between the pilot and the business operator  

  • Supports flexible work schedule management

    Operator meets the work-life balance demand that is gaining momentum in the pilot job market

  • Improves the quality of life for crew members

    The mathematical optimization tools behind preferential bidding in Rosterize increase the approval rate for requested days off

  • An effective workflow  

    No matter how close or far your employees reside to the base airport, the system takes that time into the calculation.

  • Additional motivational programs

    Boost employee motivation and loyalty in the face of growing salaries and a shortage of pilots

  • Comfortable environment for pilots

    Easing acceptance of pilots with flexible working hours, full-time and part-time agreements, or freelancers

  • Digitalization trend

    The system provides not only a ready-to-use schedule but also analytics on requested and approved days off

It is easy to try

Quick start: fill in the form, and we will contact you straight away and discuss the needed input data for the first calculations

Why Rosterize

Business aviation needs specialized and optimized solutions more than ever before

  • AI assistant

    The algorithm generates an optimal schedule of working days and days off within a few minutes instead of 3-5 days to complete this task manually

  • Robustness

    The digital internal risk assessment system, developed together with the operator, contributes to flexible management and sustainable development

  • Unique scientific approach

    Holistic application, mathematical modeling, a development of a team with two Ph.D.s in Maths, Ai-empowered algorithm 

  • Business operators already trust us

    Fly7 Executives started using the Rosterize Preferential Bidding System (PBS). For a month, the Rosterize PBS was adjusted to meet diverse pilots' contract terms to achieve a trade-off between pilots' availability and requests. Eventually the operator found additional pilots' capacity in the busiest month and ensured the necessary availability without additional costs 

“Before opting for Rosterize, we scrutinized the market, yet none of the teams was that much engaged in the aviation industry specifics and the specifics of our job, meaning they could not offer a relatively complete solution for our tasks. We quickly found the common ground with Rosterize and implemented all the necessary improvements successfully”


Kristina N'Diaye, Fly7