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We empower crew scheduling capabilities for business aviation operators with aviowiki, a unique aviation data provider

The Rosterize team has successfully integrated with aviowiki, a unique aviation data provider, to face special requirements for crew scheduling generation. Now Rosterize automatically receives comprehensive, current, and most accurate private aviation airport data.

Rosterize has been developing crew planning applications for small and middle-sized airlines (scheduled and charter ones) for the last three years. Recently we noticed that private aviation operators also face operational challenges that could be solved with intelligent planning. 

Most private aviation destinations are not reachable by commercial airlines, which makes scheduling crew rotations among the most time-consuming and challenging tasks. 

Now we are happy to introduce our partnership with aviowiki.

Data that Rosterize uses

  • the name of the time zone according to the official classification
  • airport country and city matter for planning international or domestic flights
  • a specific airport address and GPS coordinates to accurately plan the route for the crew rotation 
  • sunrise and sunset on a specific day to verify a pilot's exceptional qualifications for the flight, if necessary
  • category of complexity of the airport, which may affect specific qualification requirements of the crew
  • Mandatory Qualification, to additionally verify if local regulations mandate that pilots are qualified before operating at the airport.

It’s always a pleasure to see our real-time airport data used in such a niche area. Working with Rosterize not only allows us to analyse our existing data for such a specific use-case, but also to explore new datasets which can give greater efficiency within their operations and across the entire industry - Diego Magrini, CEO, aviowiki

About aviowiki

Accurate global aviation and airport information in a fully machine-readable format. A unique digital database with professionally checked and real-time information accumulated from countless sources.  

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