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Crew scheduling approach based on crew duty-ing problem - for AGIFORS Crew Management Study Group meeting 2021

During the AGIFORS Crew Management Study group meeting 2021, we have uncovered some scientific details regarding the holistic approach used in the Rosterize solution. The title of the presentation was the following:

Crew scheduling approach based on crew "duty-ing" problem.


The crew scheduling problem is well known as the most difficult combinatorial problem, almost impossible to solve without decomposition. Typically, the crew scheduling problem decomposes into crew pairing problem (CPP, paring) and crew assignment problem (CAP, rostering). We propose another decomposition approach. In one first stage, the crew "duty-ing" problem (CDP), we find a set of duties and partially assign pilots to that duties. In the second stage, the Crew pairing/assignment problem (CPAP), we connect these duties into pairings and assign the crew members. Both stages are solved using a MILP solver. Such an approach aims to avoid the combinatorial explosion of pairing generation and leave as many as possible key decisions to the MILP solver.


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